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  • NG à la Bastille

    Posted 11/29/14

    The NG community will meet on Tuesday December 16 for a dinner with a Californian-French touch at  Cafe Bastille (22 Belden Place, San Francisco), from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Rate will be about $55 (inc. drinks and gratuities), (subsidized) $35 for students. If you plan to attend the NG dinner, please register as soon as possible through the form […]

  • Getting ready for the 2014 Fall Meeting

    Posted 11/28/14

    As we approach the 2014 San Francisco Fall meeting, we hope to meet as many of you as possible and encourage you to attend the NG activities from December 15 to 18. For an overview of the NG program, download our AGU NG Newsletter / 2014 December Issue. If you plan to attend the NG dinner on […]

  • We want you!

    Posted 07/15/14

    Get involved and join NG (primary or secondary affiliation) or donate to NG. How to join? You choose NG as your primary AGU affiliation (the best !), or you can join us, as 6000 (!) of AGU members already did, as a secondary affiliation (there is no limitation on the number of secondary affiliations). Just go to your […]

  • Abstract submissions for the 2014 Fall Meeting now open!


    Deadline: August 6 2014. Click here to submit your abstract.