Lorenz Lecture

The Ed Lorenz Lecture honors the life and work of the renowned mathematician and meteorologist for his pioneering work in nonlinear geophysics. This Nonlinear Geophysics section named lecture is presented annually at the AGU Fall Meeting, held in San Francisco, Calif. The Lorenz Lecture is webcast and made available as an archived presentation on the AGU website.

The Lorenz lecturer is selected in recognition of original contributions to the field of nonlinear geophysics.

• Lecture certificate
• Announcement in Eos
• Invitation to present the Lorenz Lecture at the AGU Fall Meeting during the lecture presentation year
• Recognition at the AGU Fall Meeting during the lecture presentation year

2017 Lorenz Lecturer: Richard Klein, Ergodicity and Phase Transitions and Their Implications for Earthquake Forecasting

Submsissions close on 15 April 2018  –  Read the nomination criteria

To submit a nomination/recommendation for the Lorenz Lecture, please send to Lorenz Lecture Chair, Cecile Penland.

2001 – 2016 Lorenz Lecturers

2001 Benoit B. Mandelbrot Fractals as a Measure of Roughness in Earth Sciences
2002 Donald L. Turcotte Self-Organized Complexity in Geophysics
2003 Rafael Bras Wonders of Planet Earth: Complexity and Order in Earth Systems
2004 John Rundle Process, Pattern, Prediction: Understanding Complexity in Driven Earth Systems
2005 Michael Ghil The Earth as a complex system, and a simple way of looking at it
2006 Bach L. Hua Nonlinear Dynamics of Zonal Jets in Planetary Atmospheres and Oceans
2007 Vijay PrasadDimri Role of Fractals in Solid Earth Geophysics
2008 Daniel Schertzer Predictability and Uncertainties in Geophysics: from the Butterfly Effect to Ensemble Predictions, Multifractal Predictability and the Anthropocene
2009 Surjalal Sharma Complexity of Earth’s Magnetosphere: Coherence in a Multiscale Open System Presented
2010 Didier Sornette Dragon-Kings, Black-Swans and Prediction
2011 Alvaro Corral Criticality and Self-Organization in Atmospheric Processes
2012 Eugenia Kalnay Fighting Chaos: Applications of Breeding
2013 Daniel Lathrop Linear and nonlinear dynamics of liquid planetary cores
2014 Demetris Koutsoyiannis Random musings on stochastics
2015 Shaun Lovejoy Why the warming can’t be natural: the nonlinear geophysics of climate closure
2016 Vladimir Zakharov Analytic theory of wind-driven seas (AGU On Demand Video – requires login)